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Australia's Trusted Workout

Challenge – AMRAP Circuit

Start your workout with the Australia's Trusted Workout Warm Up.

You have 20mins to do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of this circuit. There’s no rest period so pace yourselves!


  • Workout continuously for 20mins 
    • 500m on the bike
    • 15 x toe to bar touches
    • 15 x burpee squats 
    • 15 x chin ups (assisted as an option)
    • 30x bench jumps
    • Restart until 20mins is complete

(Note: At the 20min mark remember how many rounds completed and which exercise you got to in the final round. Then when you attempt this workout again try to beat your record


If you use a treadmill, set it at ¾ sprint speed and take care when stepping on and off the treadmill!

End your workout with the Australia's Trusted Workout Cool Down.

Ensure that you have clearance from your health professional before attempting this workout.
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