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Australia's Trusted Workout

The Core Power Workout

Start your workout with the Australia's Trusted Workout Warm Up.

Use the below exercises to create a core workout that can be done at the end of your current workout (1 set), or as a workout in itself (3 sets). Choose a weight for the Torsinator that is challenging for the below exercises:


  • Swiss Ball Crunch – 20
  • Torsinator Twist – 10 reps
  • Alternating Superman (knees as option) – 12reps
  • Swiss Ball Russian Twist – 12 reps 
  • Torsinator  Rotation (hand to hand pass)– 10 reps
  • Supine Hip Extension with Leg Extension – 20 reps

Choose a tempo for each exercise based on your fitness level and ability. (note: for someone with a higher fitness level this workout can be done at a high tempo)

End your workout with the Australia's Trusted Workout Cool Down.

Ensure that you have clearance from your health professional before attempting this workout.
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