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Australia's Trusted Workout

TRX & Torsinator AFAP

Start your workout with the Australia's Trusted Workout Warm Up.

This strength focused workout uses the TRX and Torsinator in a circuit which you try to complete As Fast as Possible (AFAP). You need to do 20reps on each exercise and you must complete in the order listed below. Take breaks during the 20 reps if needed… don’t sacrifice form for speed… although it is a race ;)


Complete 20 reps on each exercise before moving onto the next

1. TRX Row

2. TRX Chest Press

3. TRX Tricep Press

4. TRX Bicep Curl

5. Torsinator Row (10 each arm)

6. Torsinator Chest Press (10 each arm)

7. Torsinator with Rotation

8. TRX Jacknife with Push Up

9. TRX Hamstring Curl (both legs together)

10. TRX Spiderman’s

(Note: choose a weight for the Torsinator that challenges the reps suggested)

Tips: this is a great workout to do with a buddy… see who can finish first!

End your workout with the Australia's Trusted Workout Cool Down.

Ensure that you have clearance from your health professional before attempting this workout.
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