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Australia's Trusted Workout

X Training Circuit

Start your workout with the Australia's Trusted Workout Warm Up.

This X Training circuit uses 3 exercises in 3 sets to get a full body workout guaranteed to increase your strength and muscle tone as well improve your fitness… you get the best bang for your buck with this workout!


Bench Press x 10 reps

Sled Push x 10 meters                                                                   Set 1 x 2

Band Push Ups x 10 reps

Barbell Squat x 10 reps

Monkey Bars x 10 bars                                                                  Set 2 x 2

Band Stepping Lunges x 10 reps (each leg)

T Bar Row x 10 reps

Crab Crawl x 10m                                                                           Set 3 x 2

Band Sumo Squat to Upright Row x 10 reps

Rest 2mins then repeat

(Note: for the exercises that require resistance, choose a weight or band that challenges you for the required working effort)

Tips: If your club doesn’t have all the required equipment then speak to your club PT about some alternative options

End your workout with the Australia's Trusted Workout Cool Down.

Ensure that you have clearance from your health professional before attempting this workout.
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