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Australia's Trusted Workout

Athletic Circuit

Start your workout with the Australia's Trusted Workout Warm Up.

5 Exercises each doing 10 reps, steps or metres in a circuit for time.

Find a space in the gym where you can complete all 5 exercises in the same area. Completing all 5 exercises = 1 Round, keep completing as many rounds as possible in 20mins. Remember how many rounds completed and where in the sequence of 5 exercises you finish and try and beat it the next time you do this workout.


  • Dumbbell Walking Lunge – 10 Steps each leg
  • TRX Row – 10 Reps
  • Sled Push – 10 Metres (Bear Crawl as Alternate)
  • Kettlebell Squat Swing – 10 Reps (2 hands)
  • Over Head Slams – 10 Reps

As this is an Athletic Circuit done for time, choose a weight for the weighted exercises that is 30% less of what you would normally use for that exercise… remember it’s a fast pace doing As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP)

End your workout with the Australia's Trusted Workout Cool Down.

Ensure that you have clearance from your health professional before attempting this workout.
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